PlaTed is a culinary studio that
believes in effortlessly bringing together
and melding traditions across cuisines.

Our mission is to take you on a culinary
journey that you will never forget.


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My food journey reflects my life – a kaleidoscope of flavours, geographies, and experimentation leading to unexpected but delicious outcomes.

I was born in Hong Kong into a family that lived to eat, travel and most of all to share. At an early age, I wanted to recreate the essence of the places I had visited, and so I taught myself to cook, to bring variety, discovery and sometimes a chance coming together of ingredients to surprise my captive family and friends with unexpected successes.

Moving to Bombay in my 20s, I longed for the flavours from home and wanted to share them with those around me. This turned into my first venture, The Cantonese Kitchen, bringing the essence of Hong Kong using locally sourced ingredients to create dishes to intrigue and excite.

In parallel, The Secret Supper Project, an underground supper club, was my opportunity to continue the experimenting with no limits. People paid to show up without knowing what they were going to eat, who they were going to meet and where this was going to take place until the very last minute.

I bring complex and diverse flavours and textures together to create unexpected delectable mouthfuls, with a high level of attention to detail and a willingness and desire to seek out new and unusual options tailored to my clients’ specific needs. No dietary restriction is too difficult and no ask too unusual.

PlaTed blends these diverse sensibilities to offer you a unique dining perspective that cuts across cuisines, textures and flavors, culminating in a culinary journey like no other. We hope the PlaTed experience transforms your perceptions, just as your stories will shape ours.

Welcome to PlaTed. We cannot wait to travel with you.


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Please select from the options below, and do remember to fill out the Contact form that follows, so we can be in touch regarding delivery time frames. Since all items are made to order using locally sourced ingredients, we may need 2-3 days advance notice for some items subject to availability.


Lamb shanks marinated in spices and slow-cooked for 8 hours, accompanied with a coriander raita and crusty bread. (Serves 2)

$ 80.00

Ultimate Cheese Tart

Melt in your mouth sinfully cheesy tarts, with a mesclun salad tossed with datterini tomatoes. (Serves 2)

$ 65.00

Smoky Negroni White

$ 90.00 for a bottle

Seed Crackers

Gluten-free seed and nut packed snack.

$28.00 for a large jar

$15.00 for a small jar

Smoky Negroni

$ 90.00 for a bottle

Burnt Onion Dip & Rosemary Crackers

Serves 2


Spicy Black Bean Dip with Corn Chips

Serves 2

$ 15.00

Beef Short Ribs

A dry curry served with curd rice. (Serves 2)


Chettinad Pepper Chicken

Whole chicken legs simmered in a pepper sauce, served with steamed basmati rice. (Serves 2)

$ 60.00

Grilled Fish

Golden Pomfret grilled on a bed of polenta and red pepper coulis.

$ 75.00

Ume Laventini

$90 for a bottle

Charcoal Brioche with Kombu Butter

Serves 2-3

$ 15.00


We believe each story is unique and so should be your celebrations. At PlaTed we don’t just create events, we craft experiences that create a lifetime of memories.
PlaTed is a blank slate waiting for your story. We curate memorable occasions that revolve around you, with our suggested accents.

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